About Us

Who we are

A long, long time ago in a public health era far, far away, there was a world where CVS or Walgreens storefronts weren’t on every corner and drug regulations were nonexistent. This was the time of apothecaries – those fascinating druggists who meticulously mixed herbs and minerals with the intent of curing the ailments of their fellow man.

Historically, the term “apothecary” referred to both the person who manufactured and dispensed medicines (lowercase “a” for our purposes), and the shop in which those medicines were sold (capitalized “A”). Though they remain staples of fantasy worlds like that of Harry Potter, and twee boutiques frequently adopt the title, apothecaries were not mystical, magical beings or peddlers of expensive (and often useless) oils, but highly valued and esteemed medical professionals.

In that vain we at Phoenix Rising Apothecary strive to fulfill the name and bring back the golden age of the Apothecaries while following a Holistic approach and blending Mind, Body, and Spirit!