Lavender (French) - Lavandula stoechas

1 Oz
Known for it’s soothing and calming effect. Lavender has many uses thru oils, soaps, herbs, buds, smudge sticks, flowers and other forms for aromatherapy and healing. For Native America, lavender has always been a part of their ceremony and always considered a sacred sage. Blue/ grey buds are perfect for making sachets, for jar potpourri, sleep pillows and bath herbs.

NOTE: This lavender has been grown specifically for fragrance and should not be used in cooking. Lavender buds are about the size of a grain of rice. Very clean. Imported from Provence, France. These buds are very fragrant and have a 1 year shelf life if kept in a sealed container in a dry, cool and dark place. If the fragrance fades squeeze the buds to release the oils inside. It will give them a renewed scent.
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