Elderflower (Elder Flowers) (Sambucus Nigra)

1 Oz
Fun Fact: Elder Flowers will add a boost to your magical workings !

Medicinal Uses: Although still considered a valuable item in the herbal medicine chest, Elder does not quite enjoy the eminent status it once held. In the past, not only the flowers, but leaves and inner bark were used extensively. The Flowers have a long-standing reputation as a treatment for all kinds of inflammatory and congestive conditions of the respiratory system, especially when these are accompanied by fever.

An infusion can be made to treat coughs, colds and flu, asthma and hay fever. The diaphoretic action helps to reduce fevers and thus it has often proven useful in cases of measles, scarlet fever, and other infections.

Externally, an infusion of Elder-flowers can be added to the bath water for a wonderfully refreshing bath that soothes irritable nerves and relieves itchy skin. A cool infusion can be used as an eyewash for sore or inflamed eyes. Earache may be relieved by means of a poultice made from the flowers. For this purpose a small linen bag is filled with flowers, briefly dipped in hot water and squeezed to press out any excess liquid before it is applied to the aching ear.

Magical Uses: Elder is a very magical tree and sacred to the Great Goddess, who presides over the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. As such, the Elder tree symbolizes fertility and rejuvenation as well as the realm of magic and healing. It is a tree of protection, and twigs of it were often pinned over the doors to ward off evil spirits. It was grown near the house to benefit from its healing and protective powers and to protect the farm against lightening flashes. But above all, Elder trees are linked to the realm of the fairies and it was said that one might see their procession passing by if one hid in an Elder grove on St. John's night (drinking some Elder champagne).
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