Royal Frankincense (Hojary) - Boswellia sacra

Ethically and traditionally hand-harvested organic, pure resin from the Dhofar region of Oman. For much of its 9000 years of history, Hojari frankincense was harvested exclusively for royalty.

Sacred Frankincense contains 20% more alpha-pinene than other types of Frankincense. ... Alpha-pinene can also benefit the skin, oral health, immune system, and respiratory system. In short, because Sacred Frankincense has more alpha-pinene, it is the most therapeutic type of Frankincense in the world.

The finest Omani Hojary frankincense, no words can describe what it is indeed having the most luxurious and heavenly scent of the Frankincense's, the Royal Hojary truly holds a special rank among the resins. This grade is the product of the trees Boswellia Sacra that are on the edge of the Omani mountains, making the tapping difficult.
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